Reading Unlocked

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reading Unlocked?

Reading Unlocked is a complete learn to read program. Usually it is played by children aged 4 – 8, but it also fantastic for older children who are not yet reading.

My child hasn’t started learning to read yet. Can they use Reading Unlocked?

Yes, Reading Unlocked is designed for absolute beginners. It starts at the beginning with teaching the alphabet.

My child can already read a bit. Can they use Reading Unlocked?

Yes, Reading Unlocked quickly recaps what they know before moving on to new lessons.

Is Reading Unlocked suitable for homeschooled children?

Yes, Reading Unlocked has been designed for homeschoolers and is perfect for children who are homeschooled.

Does Reading Unlocked also teach spelling?

Yes, every word they are taught to read, they are also taught to spell. First they are asked to spell the word using drag n drop, then to write the word on paper – with you supervising.

Does Reading Unlocked use British or American spelling?

You can choose either British or American spelling.

Should I sit with my child while they play?

Yes, we encourage you to help them. Please read the poem with them, teach them to form their letters correctly, and mark their spelling.

How long does it take to play Reading Unlocked?

There are 100 lessons, each lesson takes around 15 minutes to complete. Children can play more than one lesson a day and they may also repeat lessons.

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My child has dyslexia, will Reading Unlocked still be able to help them?

Yes, Reading Unlocked’s is specifically designed to help those children who find learning to read hard. It uses right paced lessons, lots of repetition, simplified phonics, plenty of phonological awareness activities and minimal demands on memory.

Reading Unlocked is designed by the creators of Dyslexia Gold, and has used all their years of experience and research to build this complete learn to read program.

What is Simplified Phonics™?

Simplified Phonics™ is a phonics (Orton-Gillingham) method that teaches children to read by blending words.

They are taught how each letter or group of letters is pronounced and how to blend them into words.

To keep it really simple children are initially only asked to blend two sounds together. In the first lesson they are asked to blend ca – t.

Rather than confusing children with all the possible ways sounds can be pronounced, Reading Unlocked initially just teaches one way for each sound. e.g. We teach that ‘ea’ is pronounced like ‘meat’. It’s not until the very last set of lessons that we introduce the alternative pronunciations of ‘steak’ and ‘bread’.

What is Phonological Awareness?

Phonological awareness is the ability to hear sounds in words. Research shows it is a crucial skill needed for reading. Children with poor phonological awareness at 5 are likely to be poor readers at 11, unless they practice phonological awareness. Reading Unlocked provides plenty of activities to practice phonological awareness, which is a key skill missed from most other learn to read programs.

How does Reading Unlocked use shared reading?

Each lesson ends with a fantastic poem for you to share with your child. Your child reads the words in red, and you read the rest.

What devices can I play Reading Unlocked on?

Reading Unlocked works on almost all browsers, including Windows, Macs, Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets. It’s not designed to be used on smart phones as the screen is too small.

How much does it cost?

Reading unlocked costs $24.99 / £9.99 a month.

How can I pay?

You can pay by PayPal or by card. You can cancel from your account at any time, no notice is required.