Reading Unlocked

Reading Unlocked Reviews

Katie Crucie Smith

I am very excited about Reading Unlocked. My daughter has even started asking me when is it time for her to play. It’s very easy to add it into our day as it only takes around 15 minutes for her to do.

I do believe this is one of the best additions to our homeschool.

A blog for my Mum

Reading Unlocked is Orton-Gillingham based. It's far less teacher-intensive than the last program we used, though, and only takes about 10-15 minutes each day.

I'm really amazed at how much Peter's reading has been improving with help from Reading Unlocked!

Sweeping Up Joy

Reading Unlocked takes the guess work out of teaching a child to read.

For families looking for an easy-to-use online phonics program, or for families who are nervous about teaching a child to read, Reading Unlocked might be a good fit.

Alexandra Kulick

We enjoyed using Reading Unlocked and feel like it’s a great choice for parents looking for online reading lessons! If you’re looking for structured online reading lessons, this is a great program to check out!

Cummins Life

Both boys are having fun with this program. I love that G asks to do his "reading school" most mornings and I am really impressed with how well he is doing at just 3 years old.

I feel like F's reading skills have continued to improve and explode this year and I love that this program gives him new ways to read and challenge himself.

NA'Arah Talitha

I love that the program is built around the idea of the parent as teacher, and the program as a tool.

The program is simple and easy to navigate.

My six year old son really enjoyed using the program. I know that he likes something when he requests to use it.

Jennifer (Schaut) King

Reading Unlocked is an amazing online program designed to further develop your child’s reading skills in only 10-15 minutes a day.

My daughter (4) just loves working on this program.

The program closes with a nice little poem read together. The words that were learned are in red and are for the child to read. What a great way to encourage readers!

I love that this program combines reading, writing and listening skills in the process of learning.

Happy Healthy Farm

My kindergartner loves to use this program because she can work independently. It’s like a game and she often wants to keep playing after the lesson is over.

Reading Unlocked is a fun part of our homeschooling and I recommend it for children who are starting to learn how to read words and simple sentences.

My Full Heart

Reading Unlocked is a great program for beginning or emerging readers. The lessons are short and focused, and I have seen results with Titus and his spelling from the few weeks we have been using this. Titus loves using Reading Unlocked and asks to get on it every day!

The variety of activities in each lesson is great. There are rhyming activities, spelling activities, sight word practice, and more.