Reading Unlocked

Reading Unlocked
Catch Up Phonics Program

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  • Teaches Reading, Writing and Spelling

  • Ideal for Reception - Year 2

  • Adapts to each pupil, working at their pace

Reading Unlocked

Phonics & Phonological Awareness Program

Reading Unlocked gives children the skills they need to read confidently and fluently.

The Simplified Phonics™ lessons compliment whole class teaching. It can also be used as a small group or 1:1 intervention.

Recovery Intervention

Reading Unlocked is perfect for pupils who have fallen behind due to the recent school closures.

It uses a multi-sensory approach - children listen, read, write and speak.

Online Learn to Read Program

Reading Unlocked is an online program that works on any computer or tablet and can be played at school or at home.

The lessons are carefully designed to make sure pupils experiences success, every day.

With four starting levels, Reading Unlocked is suitable for beginner and early readers.

It’s calm and distraction free, so it's perfect for all children, including those with dyslexia or other additional needs.

It’s quick and easy to fit into the school day, or for pupils to play at home.

Reading Unlocked

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Online Learn to Read Program

Simplified Phonics™ Lessons

Our Simplified Phonics™ lessons helps children catch up.

In level 1 they learn CVC words. Level 2 teaches CCVC and CVCC words. Then in level 3 they learn CVVC words. Level 4 moves on to multi-syllable words and less common graphemes.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is hearing the sounds in words; hearing that goat contains 3 sounds (g-oa-t) and it's key to be able to read and decode new words. Poor phonological awareness is one of the main reasons children struggle to read and is not usually taught in phonics programs.

We provide lots of great exercises for children to develop this skill. Things like: Can you identify the first sound in a word? The last sound in a word? Can you hear the difference between ship and sheep

Why Teachers love Reading Unlocked


The children love this program. It is never hard to get reluctant children on the program as they enjoy it so much and don't feel like they are doing 'work.' The sessions are fun, the children can work on them on their own and they can check and repeat if they do not get it right the first time.

The support given by the makers of the programme has been absolutely excellent, and I would highly recommend it as a programme for struggling readers.

Malmesbury Park Primary School


The company behind this program is incredibly supportive and their knowledge of how to support children with difficulties means that ALL children can achieve with this method of learning to read.

Kate Bodle
St Mary's Preparatory School


A child hasn’t started learning to read yet. Can they use Reading Unlocked?

Yes, Reading Unlocked is designed for absolute beginners. It starts at the beginning with the alphabet.

A child can already read a bit. Can they use Reading Unlocked?

Yes. There are 4 levels to chose from, so you can either decide to recap what they know or start on a brand new level

How quickly can pupils start playing Reading Unlocked?

They can start right away. You have instant access and can add as many pupils as you want.

How long does it take to play Reading Unlocked?

There are 100 lessons, each lesson takes around 15 minutes to complete. Pupils can play more than 1 lesson a day and they can also repeat a lesson.

I think a pupil has dyslexia or is struggling to learn to read. Will Reading Unlocked help them?

Yes, Reading Unlocked’s is specifically designed to help those children who find learning to read hard. It uses right paced lessons, lots of repetition, simplified phonics, plenty of phonological awareness activities and minimal demands on memory.

Reading Unlocked is designed by the creators of Dyslexia Gold, and has used all their years of experience and research to build this complete learn to read program.

What is the age range for Reading Unlocked?

Reading Unlocked is designed for pupils with a reading age less than 7.

Pupils who already have a reading age of 7 should play Dyslexia Gold instead.

How long does the free trial last and what happens at the end of the trial?

You have access to Reading Unlocked for 4 weeks. You can add as many pupils as you would like.

At the end of the trial, we will contact you to see if you would like to subscribe. If you don't want to subscribe your account will be deactivated.

How much does Reading Unlocked cost?

Reading Unlocked is available as a whole school licence for £249 + vat per year. This covers all pupils on role, and they can play at school or at home.

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