Reading Unlocked

Reading Unlocked

Our Simplified Phonics™ program is the easy way to teach your child to read.

Each 15 minute lesson follows on from the last, building from learning the alphabet to being able to read chapter books.

Our multi-sensory, personalized program adapts to your child. Reviewing mistakes, and working at the right pace for each child.

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Simplified Phonics™

Our Simplified Phonics™ system teaches your child to blend sounds into words.

To start with we teach words which have 3 sounds and 3 letters like dog. Then we move on to words with 4 sounds and 4 letters like frog. Next we teach words with 3 sounds but 4 letters like goat, before finally moving on to mutli-syllable words like baboon and monkey.

Initially we teach only one sound for each letter or group of letters, rather than confusing your child with all the many ways English letters can be pronounced.

Phonological Awareness

We also provide lots of auditory exercises, as this is a crucial pre step to learning to read with phonics.

Can they identify the first sound in a word? The last sound in a word? Can they hear the difference between ship and sheep

Abstract Words

We teach abstract words like the and was in whole sentences, to make them easier to remember.


Each lesson finishes with a poem for you to share with your child. Words that your child can read are highlighted in red.

As you go through the lessons your child will be able to read more and more of each poem.